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Some of these are from Valentine’s mini sessions, some are from a couple of new offerings I have just started testing out! One is Toddler Tuesday, these are micro minis and happen on Tuesdays only and currently only during the day. Perfect chance for some updated pics of your toddler where you just want a couple of pictures of them.  I hear it all the time, I just need a few poses I don’t need much. Watch my site and Facebook for future offerings of Toddler Tuesday.  I also have recently offered a Sitter Saturday, very similar concept, micro mini session with a “boy” backdrop and a girly backdrop, you get 5 poses of your little one, must bit sitting up to about age 3. I do plan to offer this again and have some super cute ideas in mind!!  These are extremely discounted sessions and limited to 1 person per session, you may book 2 sessions for 2 kids however.